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Founders, investors, bloggers and everyone in-between

You could meet anyone. The oddest of characters have shown up from the founders of many of the world’s leading tech companies to the world’s leading investors, bloggers and everything and everyone in-between. Rounds have been raised, co-founders have met and friendships have been formed, all over a pint in a local pub.

The Pub Summit communities meet in cities that span across 5 continents and 40 countries. The series is all part of the lead up to the Web Summit, when people from each corner of the globe will gather in Dublin for the International Pub Summit.


Apply to Cohost

In every city we work closely with a local entrepreneur, startup, blogger, investor or techie to host the Pub Summit.

The cohost has complete control over the date and venue of the event. We then send out invites to the local tech community announcing the event in association with the cohost. The cohost system allows each event to be tailored to the city's specific needs. Each cohost who organises two Pub Summits before September 2013 will be entitled to a free ticket to any Web Summit event.


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